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Panel Talks about Operations Among Allies and Friends

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A global panel, moderated by Space Foundation Special Advisor – International Affairs William V. Parker, discussed Joint Cyber Operations with Friends and Allies at the Cyber 1.3 meeting on April 8.
Following are a few key points made by the panelists:

Col. Jörg Dronia, branch chief, strategic planning air/space/cyber, German Air Force: Nations must support one another, avoid getting in each other’s way and assist one another to achieve missions … A cyberspace code of conduct is difficult to establish because cyber is available to everyone with a computer …

Gp. Capt. Adrian S. Frost, OBE, United Kingdom senior military, United States Cyber Command: Education on the importance of cyber is key to international collaboration … The military is not the only key player in cyber security; civil and commercial industries are at risk as well … Maritime agreement may be good corollary for cyber agreements …

Col. Thomas French, USAF, deputy director, Space Protection Program, Air Force Space Command: Cyber was developed as a disaggregated system but has become aggregated as it has developed, which puts eggs in one basket …

Maj. Kevin S. Kuciapinski, USAF, chief, Applied Engineering Colorado Site Engineering & Research Facility, Aerospace Data Facility, National Reconnaissance Office: Technology is outpacing policy right now and situational awareness will be key in the future … Cyber warfare is the most agile warfare tactic yet … Cloud computing may be useful in mitigating and adjusting to cyber attacks …

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