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Gooch & Housego Announces Collaborative Agreement with PhiLumina to Expand Hyperspectral Imagining Capabilities and Offerings

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ORLANDO, Fla. (April 7, 2014) – Gooch & Housego and Mississippi based PhiLumina,LLC have announced a collaborative agreement with the objective of mutually expanding their capabilities and offerings for spectral imaging applications. The agreement enables PhiLumina to integrate G&H’s innovative high speed AOTF based spectral imaging technology in its spectral imaging platform to expand their client base, while allowing G&H to offer PhiLumina’s modular and customizable spectral imaging software platform and capabilities to their customers. In addition, PhiLumina will be able to offer its other spectral imaging systems and technologies through G&H marketing and distribution channels.

“This collaborative agreement will allow G&H to deliver better on its promise of fully application-specific spectral imaging tools for its valued user base. G&H’s solid-state AOTF technology allows rapid sequential and non-sequential center wavelength access, selectable bandwidth sizes, and speeds 1,000 times faster than comparable technologies. It also enables direct triggering of camera hardware after each wavelength is acquired to maximize speed, allowing hyperspectral data sets to be acquired as quickly as the camera can acquire images. This opens the door for novel methodologies, such as real-time unmixing,” explained Alex Fong, Senior Vice-President of G&H Life Science and Instrumentation division.

Adding to Alex statement, Mark Allen Lanoue, President/CEO of PhiLumina, stated, “There is a formidable benefit to the scientific global market place with this collaboration. By merging our turnkey, award-winning HSI scanning products and software with G&H’s AOTF technology, the end user has a wider range of choices and systems available that will fit better their particular project needs. It provides them access to PhiLumina’s award-winning team with over 17 years of hyperspectral hardware, software, service, R&D, and support experience, as well as G&H’s more than 40 year reputation as a world leader in optical radiation measurement solutions.”

About PhiLumina
PhiLumina, LLC provides turnkey hyperspectral imaging systems, service, support, and software, and is currently working to release its future line of intelligent imaging systems and real-time hyperspectral applications. PhiLumina’s products are certified by the Space Foundation and are used in the NASA Spinoff program, which in part demonstrates the ability to apply aerospace technology in various environments. The foundation of and the team behind the development of this technology received the honor of being inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame, which recognizes those technologies that, though originally developed for space exploration, also help improve the quality of life here on Earth. For further information, visit the PhiLumina website .

About Gooch & Housego
Gooch & Housego is an integrated supplier of critical photonic solutions: optical components, assemblies and sub-systems to the Aerospace and Defense, Industrial, Life Science and Scientific Research sectors, providing world leading enabling design, development and manufacturing expertise across a broad and complementary range of technologies including Acousto-Optics, Fiber Optics, Crystal Optics, Electro-Optics, RF Electronics, Optical radiation measurement instrumentation, Precision Optics and Coatings and Wave Plates. Gooch & Housego is a world leader in the development of manufacturer of optical radiation measurement solutions. We design and manufacture light measurement systems that provide accurate, repeatable, research-grade measurements in the UV-VIS-NIRIR wavelength ranges for research, academia, industry, and the military. Our light measurement systems are designed to provide consistent, precise, and repeatable measurements throughout the long life of the instrumentation. For further information, visit the Instrumentation section of the G&H website.