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Space Technology Hall of Fame Expands Internationally

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By Kevin Cook Space Foundation Vice President - Marketing & Communications

Since 1988, the Space Technology Hall of Fame® program has honored the significant contributions of those who transform space technology into products and services that improve the quality of life on Earth. Thanks to growing international collaboration, the program is expanding to recognize technologies from across the globe.

Just last year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of this venerable space awareness program. As of today, we have inducted 69 outstanding technologies and we have just announced two new inductees for 2014; the Cospas-Sarsat Global Satellite System and NeuroArm technologies robotic surgical system; both multi-national efforts that improve and save lives. The individuals and organizations most responsible for these developments will be honored and recognized during the 30th Space Symposium here in Colorado Springs.

To further recognize the growing list of worthy achievements we are developing a permanent physical exhibit at our World Headquarters and Discovery Center, also in Colorado Springs. In the short two years since we opened the doors to our Discovery Center, we have enjoyed hosting thousands of visitors eager to learn about what we do here at the Space Foundation and what space exploration means to them as individuals.

While NASA, ESA, JAXA, IRSO and other international space organizations continue to promote their work on individual bases, ever-increasing international cooperation will undoubtedly produce unimagined and wondrous new technologies.

We are also developing plans to make the Space Technology Hall of Fame its own stand-alone event. The venue could move from place to place, perhaps even internationally. Let us know your thoughts on where you would like to see this event held. And while you're at it, suggest what space technologies you think deserve induction in the future.

As always, technologies we develop to "get us out there" will return home to dramatically impact the quality of life for all of us on Earth. It is no longer possible to imagine our world without these vital contributions. The Space Technology Hall of Fame helps tell that story and we welcome your help in bringing the story home to a public seeking answers and inspiration to support continued exploration.

Learn more at, and read about the 2014 inductees in this issue of Space Watch here.

This article is part of Space Watch: May 2014 (Volume: 13, Issue: 5).