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Space Foundation Welcomes Brooke Owens Fellows to 34th Space Symposium

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

During its annual Space Symposium, the Space Foundation recognizes a select number of outstanding New Generation space professionals, age 35 and younger, by including them in main agenda activities, either on a panel or as a Master Moderator for the day.
This year, the Space Foundation will highlight its support of the Brooke Owens Fellowship program by inviting two Brooke Owens Fellows to participate in the 34th Space Symposium.

“We are delighted to support the Brooke Owens Fellowship program with the participation of these exceptional fellows,” said Steve Eisenhart, Space Foundation Senior Vice President — Strategic & International Affairs. “Brooke was one of the first young professionals to participate in a plenary session at the Space Symposium in 2009 and engaged with the Space Foundation in a number of activities.”

Karen Rucker, a senior studying Electrical Engineering at Texas Tech University, will be participating as a Master Moderator on Wednesday, April 18. Karen’s primary interests are in radio frequency communications and electromagnetics. She has worked as a student assistant at Texas Tech’s Microwave Laboratory and has completed internships with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and HawkEye 360.

Karen Kuhlman, a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University, will be a special guest at the Symposium’s New Generation Speed Mentoring Program on Monday, April 16. At Oregon State, she participated in the Design Build Fly group (a R/C aircraft engineering competition team), helped run workshops to teach young girls about technology and engineering, contributed to the establishment of an Aerospace minor program at her university and currently is president of her university’s student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

About the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program
Created to honor the legacy of a beloved space industry pioneer and accomplished pilot, Dawn Brooke Owens (1980 — 2016), the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program is designed to serve both as an inspiration and as a career boost to capable young women who, like Brooke, aspire to explore our sky and stars, to shake up the aerospace industry, and to help their fellow men and women here on planet Earth. Brooke Owens Fellows are selected for their talent, their experience to date, their commitment to service, and their creativity. Their experience in the program is designed to help them grow in each of those areas, turning promising students into thriving leaders. Learn more here
About the Space Foundation’s New Generation Space Leader’s Program
During the 34th Space Symposium, the Space Foundation will help New Generation participants, age 35 and younger, gain visibility and exposure to senior leaders while getting advice and insight on career development. The multi-dimensional program features speed mentoring, workshop sessions, keynotes, Q&A sessions, interactivity, social networking, receptions and exposure for some members as part of the Space Symposium agenda. See the New Generation agenda and registration information here.