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Space Division Inc. (SDI) is announcing the launch of their new office products line made from upcycled space industry carbon fiber

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

GARDENA, Cali. (May 31, 2018) Space Division Inc. (SDI) is announcing the launch of their new office products line made from upcycled space industry carbon fiber. The new line is headlined by the “Booster,” an electric, sit-stand, desktop converter. SDI products are manufactured using carbon fiber trim scrap captured from the waste stream of commercial space craft and rocket manufacturing. The new line will is available now, exclusively on Kickstarter, and will be available for purchase on the Space Division Inc. website once the launch campaign ends. Other available products include a dry-erase blackboard and stands for laptops, monitors, printers and mobile phones. All SDI products are designed and manufactured in Gardena, CA. 

The mission of SDI is two-fold; help solve the carbon fiber scrap problem for the aerospace industry, which landfills 10 million pounds of carbon fiber waste each year; and promote the exploration of space. SDI’s manufacturing partner, Elevated Materials, is a contract manufacturer that collects scrap carbon fiber from aerospace companies across the country and upcycles it into flat sheets and custom parts. The carbon fiber used for all SDI products is sourced directly from commercial space flight companies where it is used in the construction of rockets and space craft. Elevated Materials’ efforts to date have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of scrap carbon fiber from going to the landfill. This also includes the re-purposing or recycling of the LDPE (low density polyethylene), referred to as backing paper, that is used to protect the raw material. 

SDI is proud to be a partner with the Space Foundation through the Space Certification program. SDI products proudly carry the Space Foundation’s seal for Certified Space Technology™ since they are made with the same materials used in modern space craft. In addition to that, the designs themselves are inspired by space and space travel. Similar to space craft, SDI’s designs strive to incorporate sleek, minimalist elements that combine function and innovation with high aesthetic appeal. 

Space travel is no longer a dream, rockets are being launched almost weekly, and space craft are being sent to Mars. While it is currently not quite possible for most people to travel to space, SDI is making it possible for space enthusiasts around the world bring space a little closer to them. Ad Astra Et Ultra! 

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