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Space Foundation Delivers Virtual STEM Program to Students in Kabul

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

The Space Foundation recently provided STEM programming to visiting college-level students at a Lincoln Learning Center in Kabul, through oversight by the U.S. Embassy. To accommodate the time difference, Space Foundation educators gathered at midnight in the Mars Robotics Lab of the Space Foundation’s Discovery Center in Colorado Springs. Communicating through laptops, educators Keith Barger, Slade Bradbury and Audra Peck guided the students through navigating rovers remotely over the simulated Martian terrain at the Discovery Center.

The program was coordinated by Elaine McClure, of the Public Affairs section at the US Embassy in Kabul. In her thank you note to the Space Foundation, she wrote: What outstanding presentations! You awed and amazed us all! The students were very interested in Mars and the possibility of sustaining life on Mars and there were many questions about Mars. What a great experience!

See a short video from the session here.

The Space Foundation delivers STEM programs to schools and educational institutions around the world, in such diverse locations as India and England. We use space themes to improve students’ interest and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To learn more about the Space Foundation’s worldwide education programs visit

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