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Aitech Showcases Support for Next-gen Space Applications with New COTS Qualification Standard at 2021 Space Symposium

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

New Series 300 qualification level helps mitigate risk, manage costs, improve reliability of COTS components in low earth orbit (LEO) and near earth orbit (NEO) environments

Chatsworth, Calif. August 2021 – Aitech, a leading provider of rugged board and system level solutions for military, aerospace and space applications, will showcase its space-rated components and systems that adhere to the new Series 300 qualification standard at the 2021 Space Symposium (Booth #205).

The Series 300 level of qualification was developed to close the gap between in-lab test units and fully qualified, characterized space-rated electronics in order to validate cost-effective COTS space technologies for use in the growing low earth orbit (LEO) and near earth orbit (NEO) space sectors.

Aitech’s recently released S-A1760 Venus™, which is a Series 300 level product, is the most powerful and smallest radiation-characterized space AI GPGPU available.   The S-A1760 Venus is a truly SFF SWaP (size, weight and power) optimized system and is based on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2i system-on-module (SoM) that features the Pascal™ architecture with 256 CUDA cores and reaches 1 TFLOPS of processing.

Also at Booth #205 during the Space Symposium will be a live demo of Aitech’s space-rated SP0-S product that has been successfully deployed in all space missions across LEO, NEO, MEO and GEO.

Anthony Lai Biz Dev and R&D Director for Space at Aitech, noted, “Offering the best in rugged space solutions, regardless of orbit, is what we’ve done for almost 40 years.  Not only are we bringing advanced technologies, like GPGPU processing, to lower orbit applications, we continue to build out reliable systems for more long-term and deeper space missions, like being the largest supplier of single board computers for the ISS as well as our work in commercial LEO & GEO constellations, space tourism, human spaceflights and lunar orbiting & terrestrial platforms.

Aitech provides rugged, reliable and space-rated electronics systems and components for use in a variety of government, commercial and private space programs. The company continues to develop cost-effective COTS-based and custom integrated systems, depending on radiation and mission requirements, giving the company the ability to offer an extensive array of space solutions with the backing of several decades worth of engineering experience.

For more information and a live demo, stop by Booth #205 at the 2021 Space Symposium, call 888-Aitech-8 (888-248-3248), visit or e-mail [email protected].

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