Original Astronaut Space Pen

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Paul C. Fisher
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NASA Johnson Space Center
Fisher Space Pen Company

If there is one model of space pens that single-handedly launched Fisher Space Pen into space, that would be the AG7 – Original Astronaut Space Pen. The creation of this pen took thousands of failed experiments, personal investment of hard-earned money, and a tad bit of “Mad Scientist” work-ethic to bring the first ever, pressurized ball point pen that performs in zero-gravity.

Though during the early 1960’s this concept seemed crazy or unnecessary, Paul C. Fisher knew it was not. He, like many Americans, had been following the fall-out from the Apollo 1 fire, that showed just how flammable items can be in a pure oxygen environment. He knew graphite was flammable and the use of pencils in an enriched oxygen environment, posed a problem. One that NASA could not overlook. Paul C. Fisher began developing a pressurized ball point pen that would perform flawlessly in zero-gravity while also performing in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Launching on its first mission with the crew from Apollo 7 in 1968, the AG7 has accompanied every crewed flight into space since Apollo 7 and most recently with Space X. The creation of the AG7 lead to commercialization of the technology. Today, every space pen carries the same functionality as the AG7. Onboard the International Space Station is another NASA Approved model for Fisher Space Pen called the CH4 – Shuttle Space Pen. NASA continues to use both models for all space exploration.

Fisher Space Pens will write in:
-Zero Gravity
-Upside Down
-At any angle
-Under Water
-Over Oil & Grease
-Temperatures from -30 to +250 Fahrenheit
-3 times longer than the average pen

Join us for the 2021 Space Technology Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony here.

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