Outlast Technologies Smart Fabric Technology

Inducted In: 2005, Consumer, Home, Recreation

Outlast Technologies Image of Thermocules
Induction year:
Inducted individuals:
Dr. Yvonne Byrant
Kevin Crandell Esq
Paul Frederick
Ed Payne
Bernie Perry
Daniel Wyner
Inducted organizations:
Outlast Technologies

Based on technology developed to protect astronauts against extreme temperature fluctuations in space, Outlast Smart Fabric Technology fibers, fabrics and foams contain micro encapsulated phase change materials called Thermocules that absorb, store and release heat.

This patented technology is used in a range of consumer products such as active wear to provide a more comfortably stable temperature.

This Space Technology Hall of Fame technology inductee is also a Certified Space Technology (www.outlast.com).


To learn more about the Space Certification Program visit www.spacecertification.org.

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