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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Bill Kemp of United Space Structures

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In this episode:  We meet Bill Kemp, founder and CEO of United Space Structures located in Falls Church Virginia.  United Space Structures is a development, design, and construction company that will operate in earth’s orbit utilizing robots to build the future’s largest structures in the most economical way possible.

What steps led Bill to start USS?  From his first career experiences after college a draftsman and in HVAC design, and then to his work at Parson’s where he was involved in re-designing the FAA’s Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Bill’s increasing responsibility led to the knowledge base and communication skills necessary for the success of complex projects.

The growing space economy has allowed Bill to transition from complex habitation projects on earth to those beyond.  “Follow your passion, open your mind and remove as many roadblocks as possible.  Realize that every roadblock you create in your mind eliminates not one but many branching opportunities in your future.  Those concepts have nothing to do with space but everything to do with being a creative entrepreneur first and foremost.”

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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Bill Kemp
You’re currently the Founder and CEO of United Space Structures, a fascinating venture that designs and constructs habitable environments for space.  May I walk back in time with you to see how you came to be involved in this innovative undertaking?  What was your first job out of college?  …
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