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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Venus Quates of LAUNCHTECH

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In this episode:  We meet Venus Quates, the president and CEO of LAUNCHTECH. LAUNCHTECH provides technology and end-to-end business services as well as technology resale solutions to government and commercial customers.

During her career in the Air Force in information systems management, Venus learned leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and discipline.  Those skills combined with a variety of experiences after leaving the Air Force gave Venus the confidence to start her own business.

“If you’re a business owner in your career, no matter what industry, I think it applies across the board: you will fall. You will fail. But keep reverting back to your vision and mission. Even before I started my business, I had a vision and mission for my career and for my personal life, for what I wanted to accomplish and what I wanted to do. And I allowed those pains and all those roadblocks to propel me forward so I wouldn’t give up.”

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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Venus Quates of LAUNCHTECH
Hello and welcome to another Space Foundation Space Commerce entrepreneurship interview. I'm Shelly Brunswick. I'm the Chief Operating Officer at the Space Foundation and today it's my privilege to talk with Venus Quates. Hello Venus!   Hello, how are you?   I'm fantastic, it's good to hear from you today.…
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