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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Mandy Vaughn, CEO and Founder of GXO, Inc

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In this episode, join Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, as we meet Mandy Vaughn, CEO and Founder of GXO, Inc.  An MIT educated engineer, Mandy has extensive experience in the Air Force and private industry at General Dynamics Mission Systems, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit and Vox Space, and she also serves on the National Space Council’s User Advisory Group.  Mandy founded GXO, Inc, in 2021 to accelerate the pace of change across the space industry by using her past experience to assist new commercial space ventures navigate the startup environment and quickly start delivering capabilities and missions that matter for commercial and government customers.

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Mandy Vaughn

CEO and Founder, GXO, Inc


Shelli Brunswick Interview With Mandy Vaughn, CEO and Founder of GXO, Inc
Well hello, and welcome to another Space Foundation Space Commerce entrepreneurial interview. I'm Shelli Brunswick Chief Operating Officer at Space Foundation. Today I have the privilege to talk with Mandy Vaughn, CEO and founder of GXO, Inc. Well, hi, Mandy. Hi, Shelli. Thanks for having me. It's an absolute pleasure…
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