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Space4U Podcast: Glen Asner & Stephen Garber, Historians & Authors

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

In this episode:

We meet historians and authors, Glen Asner and Stephen Garber from the Historical Office, Office of Secretary of Defense and NASA’s History Division. Glen and Stephen share insights into their new book, Origins of 21st Century Space Travel: A History of NASA’s Decadal Planning Team and the Vision for Space Exploration, 1999-2004 (NASA 2019).

Glen and Stephen detail the challenges and lessons learned in space exploration. This includes changes following the Shuttle Columbia accident; ongoing budget constraints and battles; the role played by politics in space exploration; and the rise and impact of the commercial development of space. As the historians they are, both Glen and Stephen also share who they wish they could interview from days of aerospace past.

Their book is available for free on NASA’s website under the “E-Books” tab.



Transcript: Space4U podcast, Glen Asner & Stephen Garber
Hi there. This is Rich Cooper with the Space Foundation’s Space4U podcast, a podcast about the stories and the people who make today's space adventures possible. I'm joined today by the authors of a brand-new book. That is called “Origins of 21st Century Space Travel.” Those two authors are Dr.…
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