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Space4U Podcast: Steve Howard – Spaceport Camden

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team


In this episode:

We meet Steve Howard, County Administrator of Camden County, Georgia, and project lead for Spaceport Camden, currently in development. As project lead, Steve is working to realize Spaceport Camden’s mission of developing a world-class spaceport through a public-private partnership that will establish Camden County as the commercial space center of the United States. Howard also sits on the board of directors for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

In our conversation, Steve explains why Camden County is a prime location for a commercial spaceport, the area’s space heritage dating back to the 1960s, how the commercial sector is driving the need for a spaceport like this, and the beneficial assets this particular geographic location has to offer. He also discusses some of the hurdles involved in establishing a spaceport, how the region has embraced the project, how it will change the state, and what he foresees for future of the spaceport in five to ten years’ time.

In detailing what sets Spaceport Camden apart from government-run launch facilities, and the importance of having spaceports available solely to commercial space companies, Steve says, “What Georgia can offer is a clean slate — where the appropriate requirements of NASA and the military will never impact the commercial schedule.”

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Transcript: Space4U podcast, Steve Howard
This is Rich Cooper with the Space Foundation, and this is the Space4U podcast. This is the Space Foundation’s podcast that tells the stories of the amazing people who contribute to today's space community. Today, I'm joined with Steve Howard, the County Administrator, and project lead for Spaceport Camden.  …
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