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Space4U Podcast: Sarah Cruddas – Space Journalist

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team


In this episode:

We meet Sarah Cruddas, an accomplished space journalist, international TV host, and award-winning author from the United Kingdom. A global thought leader in the growing commercial space sector, Sarah’s many talents and her background in astrophysics have led her to opportunities such as being a host for “Contact” on Discovery Channel and Science Channel, as well as making regular appearances on Sky, the BBC, CNN, People Television, ITV News, and more. Sarah has authored four books about space exploration, including her latest: “Look Up: Our Story with the Stars.”

In our conversation, Sarah discusses what led her to pursue a career in the space community and what it’s like being an international space journalist. She also gives unique insight into being a communicator within the science world, the private space industry, and the global space economy.

Sarah, who was first inspired to pursue a space career as a teen attending Space Camp in the U.S., says “My whole life, space has been my passion. It’s there from the start. For me, I would always say to people who ask, ‘Why would you care about space?’ My answer would be: ‘Why would you not care about space?’ It’s as much about philosophy and a search for meaning as it is about science.”

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