Who was Yuri Gagarin?

The vast infinity of space, the ever-expanding reaches of our known universe, the confluence of planets and celestial objects, the representation of what man can achieve with just more research and technological development, all of this and much more appeals present and future astronauts to brave the boundaries of our earthly realm and venture out…

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Educational Facilities With Alternative Uses

Educational Facilities with Alternative Uses Educational facilities, school buildings especially for grades kindergarten through 12th, don't get used most of the time. Outside of regular school hours, these buildings are completely empty and yet they are still perfectly usable spaces. So what can be done about educational facilities that are left empty?  Most school buildings…

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Indian Astronauts Who Made It To Space

If you are familiar with names like Sunita Williams and Rakesh Sharma, you are probably up-to-date with the history of astronauts of Indian origins who have made it into space over the decades. At the end of 2020, NASA announced the names of the eighteen lucky astronauts who will have the absolute privilege to fly…

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The Allure Of Space-Themed Games And Astronaut Pretend Play

As children, we enjoy engaging in pretend play because it allows us to explore surreal worlds and realms while putting our wildest ideas and creative thoughts to work. This helps us build important development skills starting from a young age while experimenting with a variety of social interaction scenarios and emotions, learning how to share…

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US Spacecraft Named After Indian Mission Specialist

‘S.S. Kalpana Chawla’ will be the name of the next Cygnus capsule manufactured by Northrop Grumman, a global company that specializes in defense technology and aerospace in the US. The company will be naming its brand new capsule in loving memory of India-born Kalpana Chawla, the brave mission specialist who lost her life onboard the…

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NASA’s First Selected Astronaut From Down Under Has Passed

While some people are lucky enough to know exactly what career path they would like to walk on since the early stages of their lives, others need to carry quite a few battles to reach there. Phillip Chapman was one of the lucky ones. He was the first American astronaut born in Australia selected to…

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Younger Promises

Ever since humanity first raised their eyes to the sky, we have been mesmerized by the beauty and mystery of the sky, of space and all it contains, such as the impact it has on our minds and spirits that even the Roman and Greek cultures based their mythological pantheon of Gods and Goddesses on…

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