A Transformational Era: Commercial Innovations Bring Promise of “Anywhere/Anytime” SATCOM for Modern Government User

In the modern era of worldwide conflicts and catastrophes, global events can emerge swiftly and unpredictably, which means government/military users providing mission support must stand ready to deploy “anytime/anywhere” on a moment’s notice. In doing so, they rely upon satellite communications (SATCOM) that goes where they go – as fast as they are getting there.…

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Small Satellites: The Execution and Launch of a GPS Radio Occultation Instrument in a 6U Nanosatellite

Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems (Tyvak) and GeoOptics, Inc. (GeoOptics) partnered in 2014 to develop and deploy GeoOptics’s CICERO constellation of satellites. Together, they have completed design, assembly and testing of the first three satellites in a constellation designed to gather vital data on the Earth’s weather, climate and environment. The program utilizes Tyvak’s Endeavour small satellite…

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The current state and the future of Space Internet – the Space Generation Perspective

During the Space Generation Congress 2015, held in Jerusalem, Israel, students and young professionals representing 14 countries participated in the Space Communication – Space Internet working group. The group investigated the possibilities, risks, and opportunities of using satellites, drones, and high altitude balloons to provide widespread access to the internet. The group focused on one…

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The Space Industry: High Tech at Last? A Market-based Interpretation

Despite popular perception of the space industry as ‘high tech’, many commercial satellites are sent into orbit with years- or even decades-old technology. The significant CAPEX involved in building and launching a satellite requires pursuit of a design that will ensure returns and minimize the likelihood of premature satellite loss – a practice that, combined…

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