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Bringing Investors and Founders Together: A Conversation With Adam Metz of D.F.A. Capital

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How do investors find founders to invest in?  How do founders find investors?  What are some tips for raising capital in a down market?  Join Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation as she interviews Adam Metz, General Partner at D.F.A. Capital, where he answers these questions and more about the process of raising capital.   D.F.A. Capital is a pre-seed and seed-stage investment fund that invests primarily in sales and marketing technology, as well as telecom, ag-tech and apparel. D.F.A. Capital encourages founders of color and female founders to reach out via their website at: Their community for founders facing challenges in sales and fundraising can be found at Topics include: Why it’s important to specialize rather than be a generalist in a down market, try different things and find what you are good at, 2 important metrics to demonstrate a viable plan, it’s all about the sales, the importance of timing and sales strategy, execution is more important than ideas, hire slow, fire quick, the significance of the velocity to $1, and the importance of monitoring your pipeline.  discount code: metz40

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Adam Metz

General Partner at D.F.A. Capital