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The Perspective That We Take Changes the Reality That We See: Shelli Brunswick Global Alliance Interview with Dr. Adam Dipert, Research Physicist

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How does open mindedness help people adapt to weightlessness more quickly?  Traditional mathematical canon is not necessarily relevant to the mathematics that are easier for people to learn and use. Why is it important to take ownership of your education process and not just follow instructions?  In this Global Alliance interview, join Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, and Dr. Adam Dipert, research physicist, as they discuss the unique life path that influenced Dr. Dipert’s work on the physics of movement in space.

Adam Dipert is a professional research physicist with almost two decades of experience as a professional circus performer. His passion for studying human movement in weightlessness led him to explore microgravity flow in various environments, including pools, aerial harnesses, floatation tanks, wind tunnels, and airplanes. The release of Space Juggling in 2021 began with winning the International Juggling Association Championship and led to a number of film awards, including in the Raw Science Film Festival.  In addition to developing a new suite of dance moves for outer space, he has exercised remarkable restraint not asking NASA for permission to spin fire on the ISS. 


Dreaming of Space Juggling Trailer



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Dr. Adam Dipert

Research Physicist