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Permission to Dream: Rick Tumlinson, Space Visionary

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It was a pleasure interviewing Rick Tumlinson, co-founder and board Chair of SpaceFund. Rick is also the co-founder of several space companies and non-profits including: Deep Space Institute, Orbital Outfitters, the New Worlds Institute, and the Space Frontier Foundation, and one of the world’s top space “visionaries”, as well as being listed as one of the World’s Top 100 most influential space leaders by SpaceNews. In this interview we’ll discuss: How Rick came up with the term NewSpace; SpaceFund and the Space Revolution; why we should invest in space and how it relates to sustainability; thoughts on de-orbiting ISS; philosophy about the Frontier; why we need multiple space stations on the “orbital street”; Insight on DEI, and creating more inclusion in the space ecosystem, as well as predictions for 2023.

“It’s not about your background.  It’s about your future.”

“You have permission to dream.”

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Rick Tumlinson

Co-Founder, Board Chairman, SpaceFund