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Push Your Chips to the Center of the Table: Entrepreneur and Explorer Aaron Newman

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Newman, founder at Cloud Storage Security, SecureCloudDB, and CloudCheckr for Space Foundation Global Alliance.  Aaron has extensive experience in the computer software industry, leading four companies from concept to acquisition. He is an entrepreneur who is skilled in enterprise software and application security, as well as an avid explorer, investor, and philanthropist.  

In this interview we’ll discuss: The process of building a software company, as well as the entrepreneur’s ability to see a need and create a solution.  The desire to build something from scratch, and the advantages of starting young. Why a team with the ability to execute is more important than a great idea. The significance of software as the driver of innovation in the next century. How the desire to explore pushes human limits.  Military service and the support of veterans.  Finally, the concept of commercial aerospace companies as infrastructure builders.

“Push your chips to the center of the table”

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

“Start young, you have less to lose”

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Aaron Newman

Founder-Cloud Storage Security, SecureCloudDB, and CloudCheckr