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The Search for Life in the Universe: Astrobiologist and Science Communicator Graham Lau

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In this episode, join Shelli Brunswick, COO at Space Foundation as she interviews Dr. Graham Lau, astrobiologist and science communicator as they discuss the search for life in the Universe, and his journey to a career in the space industry.

Dr. Graham Lau is an astrobiologist and communicator of science. With an academic background spanning biology, chemistry, astrophysics, and geology, Dr. Lau is an expert on how living things effect the environment around them and how we search for alien life beyond the Earth. He’s conducted research in the Canadian High Arctic, has done x-ray spectroscopy at three different particle accelerators, and is the Host of the NASA-funded livestream show called “Ask an Astrobiologist”. Graham currently serves as the Director of Communications and Marketing for the non-profit Blue Marble Space, he’s a Research Scientist with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, and he is also the Director of Logistics for the University Rover Challenge (an undergraduate robotics competition focused on Mars rovers). Graham has given public talks to classrooms and student groups from around the world, has been interviewed on various podcasts, and is known for his inspirational views on our place in the cosmos. Dr. Lau also serves as a meditation instructor and public speaking coach.

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Dr. Graham Lau

Astrobiologist and Communicator of Science Photo Credit: Hope Byrd 2022 Analog Astronaut Conference