2015 International Student Art Contest

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The Space Foundation has narrowed down 3,686 entries from 53 countries, 48 U.S. states and one U.S. territory down to 28 winners for the 2015 International Student Art Contest. Students from around the world, ages 3 through 18, were invited to submit original artwork for this year's theme, "The View From My Spaceship." The contest was free to enter for all public, private and homeschool children from nations around the globe.

The contest featured eight age categories: 3-4; 5-6; 7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14; 15-16 and 17-18, and students could enter artwork in the following media formats: drawing, painting, mixed media and digital. A total of 28 awards will be presented, including first, second and third place honors for each of the eight age categories, plus one Space Foundation Achievement Award.


Farhat Hassan, 1st place
Age: 4, Bangladesh
Keith Lo, 2nd place
Age: 4, China
Zannatul Ferdous, 3rd place
Age: 3, Bangladesh (Pictured right)

Suryansh Khetan, 1st place  
Age: 6, India (Pictured right)
Viara Pencheva, 2nd place
Age: 5, Bulgaria
Serena Wan, 3rd place
Age: 5, China

Mohamed Maher, 1st place
Age: 7, Saudi Arabia
Kamile Samulionyte, 2nd place
Age: 8, Lithuania
Ipsita Roy, 3rd place
Age: 8, India

9-10 YEARS
Kathryn Fang, 1st place
Age: 10, USA  (Pictured right)
Zoe Chu, 2nd place
Age: 9, USA
Cassie Wang, 3rd place
Age: 9, USA

11-12 YEARS
Amy Son, 1st place
Age: 12, USA
Bhavyangana Kanthed, 2nd place tie
Age: 12, India
Jason Chao, 2nd place tie
Age: 11, USA
Matthew Loges, 3rd place
Age: 11, USA

13-14 YEARS
Layla Lee, 1st place
Age: 14, USA
Lydia Liu, 2nd place
Age: 14, USA
Kathy Kang, 3rd place tie
Age: 14, USA
Kyle Zhu, 3rd place tie
Age: 13, USA

15-16 YEARS
Julia Shi, 1st place
Age: 16, USA
Micah Ramos, 2nd place tie
Age: 16, USA
Chris McKnight, 2nd place tie
Age: 15, USA
Briannah Berg, 3rd place
Age: 16, USA

17-18 YEARS
Amy Feng, 1st place
Age: 17, USA
Sarah Hashem, 2nd place
Age: 17, USA  (Pictured right)
Jiwon Park, 3rd place
Age: 18, USA

Ching Yee Ng
Age: 18, China


The Space Foundation presents 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-place awards for each of eight age categories. In addition, a Space Foundation Achievement Award is given, which is selected by the Space Foundation graphic arts team.

The winners receive a certificate, ribbon, personalized astronaut autograph and an art kit. The personalized autograph is signed by NASA astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao, Space Foundation Special Advisor - Human Spaceflight. The winning entries will be displayed at the 31st Space Symposium to be held on April 13-16 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA. The art will also be displayed at the Space Foundation World Headquarters and Discovery Center, located in Colorado Springs.

The Space Foundation maintains ownership of the digital artwork and the right to use the digital images of the artwork for display and promotion.


Space Art Expertise
Joe Vinton (U.K.) and Daniela De Paulis (The Netherlands)
Children's Art Expertise
Hans Wolfe (U.S.) and Mercy Yeo (U.S./born and raised in Singapore)
Commercial Art Expertise
Lourn Eidal (U.S.)

2015 winners were notified by email on Jan. 16, 2015.

Coming in August- Space Foundation 2016 International Student Art Contest Details!

Plan now for our fifth annual international student art contest for young talented artists, age 3 years old - 18 years old. Full details to enter our 2016 contest will be made available in August, 2015, here on the Space Foundation website. The 2016 winners to be announced in January 2016.


For general contest questions, contact the Space Foundation at [email protected].

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