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Policymakers, the media, educators and individuals interested in space look to the Space Foundation for credible information and cogent analysis of the forces that influence the space industry. Whether supplying data to government leaders or responding to questions from school children, the Space Foundation serves as an open and reliable source of information for the space community as a whole.


The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity

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For more than a decade, the Space Foundation research team has gathered an ever-expanding collection of information about the global space industry, government policies and priorities, and the evolving trends in the space workforce and in education that influence space activity. In 2015, the Space Foundation began offering an online service that provides subscribers with access to all the research conducted for The Space Report throughout its existence, as well as new data sets that have never appeared in reports.


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Quickly drill down through over a decade of space industry data, discoverable by topic, country, and more!


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Go back in time; See the reliability rates of a Soyuz or Atlas - You control the data. Download it for your research.


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With a monthly or yearly subscription of The Space Report Online, all editions of The Space Report published throughout the years are accessible and downloadable in PDF Form. PDFs may also be purchased separately.


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The Space Report is a must-have reference cited by major publications. Get up-to-date information and download the data for your next article.

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Space Symposium Tech Track Archive

Tech TrackSubmitted by presenters at Tech Track held at Space Symposium, this archive is made available for reference. This content comes from presenters at Tech Track, not Space Foundation and does not represent Space Foundation or its endeavors.

White Paper Archive

Access an archive of Space Foundation whitepapers. For the latest data and resources, visit The Space Report Online.