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Global Space News


The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft captured this close up image of a crater landslide on the asteroid Lutetia in July 2010. Image Credit/ESA

Asteroids are gaining big time on the respect scale.

Two years ago, President Obama directed NASA to alter plans for a human lunar return and focus instead on mission...

Erratic Tropical Storm Debby, imaged by NASA's Aqua spacecraft on June 24 off Florida's Gulf Coast. Image Credit/NASA Goddard

As surely as they bring high temperatures, summers in the United States bring Hurricane Season, a five-month stretch that raises the costly spectre of high winds, heavy rains and floods to the millions of people who live in...

In this laser elevation map of Shackleton crater, false colors indicate height, with blue lowest and red highest. Credit: NASA/Zuber, M.T. et al., Nature, 2012

The Moon is taking on an icy look thanks to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft.

Using a laser altimeter on the LRO, a research team essentially has...


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