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The Space Report

The Space Report puts comprehensive information at your fingertips to deliver the “big picture.” This exclusive publication shows how space activity affects people around the world and includes government budgets, commercial revenues, and detailed explanations of programs, products, policy, and the space workforce.

The Space Foundation welcomes comments, questions, and other forms of feedback. The team of researchers who produce The Space Report each year are particularly interested to know which parts of the publication are most useful to you and what you would like to see included in the future. Please feel free to contact us at any time at [email protected] with:

  • Follow-up questions about the publication’s content (we are here to be a resource for you!)
  • Suggestions for future additions to the report
  • Questions about purchasing The Space Report
  • Other comments

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Available Starting in September 2015:
The Space Report Online - Ten Years of Data

Over the course of the past decade, the Space Foundation research team has gathered an ever-expanding collection of information about the space industry, government policies and priorities, and the evolving trends that influence space activity. Each year, we present the highlights in The Space Report, focusing on the points that we believe are of interest to a broad audience.

Above is a sample interactive exhibit from The Space Report Online launching in September. You can change the display by clicking on different years to the right of the chart. The icons at the top right allow you to view sources (more useful for other chart types which may have multiple sources), download the data to your computer, view as a table instead of a graph, and change whether the age cohorts are shown as a percentage of the workforce or as the raw number of employees. Clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left opens a menu with options to download your modified chart as an image for use in presentations.

Beginning in 2015, the Space Foundation is offering an online service that will provide subscribers with access to all the research conducted for The Space Report throughout its existence, as well as new data sets that have never appeared in the report. We hope that this will become an even more valuable resource for the space community, and we look forward to expanding the types of data we offer in response to requests from our readers.

Note: Those who purchase The Space Report 2015 PDF now will receive a discount code of equal value toward a subscription of The Space Report Online.

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