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Repko Stresses Mix

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The second speaker of the Cyber 1.2  event was Riley Repko, president and chief executive officer of Trusted Cyber Solutions, LLC. He prefaced his talk by saying that cyber attacks are both a threat to networks and information and a threat to physical systems.

In order to address the dynamic threat environment, he said, more speed and openness toward more creative, "even sometimes radical," ideas in cyber defense are needed. He said “leveraging the mix” of talent by including various communities of the private sector in all levels of discussion is critical. He expressed concern that U.S. government agencies are still thinking traditionally, and that “traditional and/or regimented thinking is not helping us to understand the particulars of this domain.”

In particular, Repko urged partnerships to take advantage of “odd and uniquely talented” groups that reside in the private sector.

As a closing remark, he offered “if you want the right fix, include the right mix.”

Cyber 1.2  was held on April 16, immediately before the 28th National Space Symposium.

See photos here. See video here.

This article is part of Space Watch: May 2012 (Volume: 11, Issue: 5).

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