New Horizons

New Horizons community-centered science enrichment programs include student programs, teacher workshops, field trips, town-hall meetings and astronaut and space professional visits. This holistic approach infuses space-based science, technology, mathematics and engineering (S-STEM) education into the community.

New Horizons Components

There are a number of components that can be combined to create a customized New Horizons program for your community. These include - but are not limited to:

*New Horizons programs in Colorado
**New Horizons programs in Colorado or in the proximity of another available SOS facility

New Horizons gives teachers instructional tools to keep students interested and motivated through inquiry-based science and have been shown to help increase student attendance and test scores as well as deepen learning environments. In the long term, New Horizons better equips students to compete globally as knowledge-based workers. It also helps the school districts remain relevant and effective in a century marked by rapid innovation.


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