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Mid-January produced a flurry of U. S. legislative activity in Washington D. C. that concluded late Friday with President Obama’s signature of a $1.1 trillion Omnibus appropriations act for 2014 that funds the federal spending through Sept. 30, including a sequester lifting $17.65 billion in spending for NASA.

Concerns over another near term U. S. government shutdown have eased as well.

The allotted $17.65 billion is just $70 million below the amount sought for NASA in 2014 by the White House, $1 billion more than approved by House appropriators in the early stages of the budgeting process during 2013, but $360 million less than agreed to by Senate appropriators....

China's Fengyun-1C meteorological-monitoring spacecraft. Courtesy: NASA’s Orbital Debris Quarterly News

It was seven years ago this month that China purposely destroyed its own Fengyun-1C meteorological-monitoring spacecraft via a Chinese anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon.

That January 11, 2007 event represents the worst single debris...


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