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The Space Report 2009 Can Be Yours!

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The Space Report 2009 Can Be Yours! Become a space expert: get your copy of The Space Report 2009: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity today! And, now, the Space Foundation’s new website,, makes previewing  and ordering The Space Report easier than ever.

A wide-ranging view of space activity throughout the world each year, The Space Report 2009 is packed with useful and accessible information about all sectors of the space industry. The Space Report 2009 contains information on global space budgets and revenues, a yearly summary and analysis of the Space Foundation Indexes, space technology and applications, workforce and wage information, and a discussion of United States space education issues. In addition, The Space Report includes a forward-looking perspective that encompasses specific forecasts for certain parts of the space industry as well as analysis of some of the broader trends that will shape the course of space activity in years to come.

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The Space Foundation has been publishing The Space Report since 2006. This year’s version has 20 additional pages and new features:

  • Two new financial indexes to help gauge financial performance
  • A full section examining trends in education and their impact on the space industry
  • Expanded data on international (non-U.S.) space activities
  • A special report on astronomy and space science
  • New information on spaceports and spaceport authorities/coalitions

The Space Report 2009 is the result of extensive research by the Space Foundation and its team of independent research organizations, thoroughly examining the state of the space industry. The methodology, which is refined every year, involves identifying, gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing data from publicly available sources, as well as industry publications and reports. The Space Report 2009 can be purchased at You can buy it in hard-copy book format ($79.95), CD-ROM ($79.95), downloadable PDF($69.95) or a combination package.

This article is part of Space Watch: July 2009 (Volume: 8, Issue: 7).