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Space Inspires Us to Teach, Learn, Work

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Space Inspires Us to Teach, Learn, Work Last month, Space Watch included an article quoting survey respondents on how space has affected their lives. Here are a some additional comments:

  • “I entered college… with a desire to be an aerospace engineer to get a chance to work on the international space station. This did not come to be, but now I have the opportunity to take my love of space and share it with my students (as a teacher).”
  • “It has kept me employed for the past 13 years.”
  • “I have devoted a good portion of my adult life to astronomy as one of my main passions. I was 12 years old during Apollo 11 and those heady days will always be with me. The sense of exploration and purpose is sorely missed these days.”
  • “As a former journalist, I’ve had the honor of covering a Space Shuttle launch, visiting Johnson Space Center and meeting real astronaut heroes including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan and Gene Kranz. All these unforgettable experiences remind me of how important the space program is, not just for advancing scientific understanding, but as a symbol of the highest aspirations of America and all humanity.”
  • “I’ve been compelled to learn a lot about Earth and our universe to better understand what space exploration has shown us.”
  • “As a 4th grade science teacher, I teach a space unit every year… I want my students to know the past and present space information and then be brave enough to dare to dream of what could be in the future for them. To watch their eyes come alive as they explore the possibilities of going into space it is amazing!”
  • “Without space, media would be dismal and slow. I’m thankful for freeze-dried ice cream and camping gear such as emergency reflective blankets (wonderful in a snow cave) and sunglasses that come from space endeavors. I can track my location, speed, elevation and finances quickly thanks to GPS satellites…

Pictured: Television coverage of the historic Moon landing in 1969, which inspired many to enter technology fields or become teachers 


This article is part of Space Watch: December 2011 (Volume: 10, Issue: 12).