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Dynetics Leads Team to Compete for NASA's Engineered Solutions & Prototyping Contract

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (April 17, 2012) – Huntsville-based Dynetics is leading a North Alabama team to compete for the NASA Engineered Solutions & Prototyping (ESP) contract, a procurement that will advance the technological direction of Marshall Space Flight Center. Dynetics’ exclusive teammates include B-K Manufacturing, CFDRC, Davidson Technologies, DCI, Freedom Information, Micro Craft, Phase IV Systems, Venturi, Yetispace, ARES Corporation, Zero Point Frontiers, Draper Laboratory, Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne and United Space Alliance.

The ESP contract will provide Marshall Space Flight Center with space systems design and development; hardware integration and testing; and technology maturation, including bench testing and prototype development and process development, in support of MSFC’s flight projects, human and robotic exploration, science and technology development and future programs/projects.

 “The Dynetics team has proven past performance in affordable and responsive aerospace systems development and prototypes,” said David King, executive vice president of Dynetics. “We have brought together a group of companies with the experience and expertise to deliver quality products and services to our NASA customer.”

 According to King, Dynetics’ new 226,000-square-foot facility, scheduled for completion later this month, will expand Dynetics’ hardware manufacturing capabilities. “Our new hardware and software prototyping facility will provide NASA access to the latest equipment to produce quality aerospace products rapidly and affordably,” he said. “It will be a high-tech research and development facility and will expand and enhance our current facilities.”

Steve Cook, Dynetics director of space technologies, said the facility will also offer the ability to locate government and industry engineers together for collaborative research and manufacturing. “Dynetics has collaborated with NASA engineers on multiple projects — bringing the best of government and industry together to develop flight hardware,” said Cook. He cited examples of Dynetics’ complex aerospace products that were delivered affordably on a short schedule with Marshall, including the Fast, Affordable, Science and Technology Satellite (FASTSAT) and two lunar lander testbeds.

Paul Allen’s commercial company, Stratolaunch, recently selected Dynetics to provide overall technical integration and the mating and integration system hardware for its revolutionary air launch system.

Cook said Dynetics is pleased with the make-up of the North Alabama-centric team for NASA’s ESP program. “Dynetics and our team have the experience and expertise to deliver, and we look forward to helping Marshall achieve its mission,” he said.

This announcement was made here at the National Space Symposium.

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