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Read the Updated FY 2014 Space Foundation DoD Budget Comparison Report

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On Aug. 1, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed its version of the FY 2014 Defense Appropriations Act. The bill would appropriate funds for defense programs, including military satellites, launch vehicles and cybersecurity programs.

There is no set date for when the bill will be voted on by the full Senate. However, Sept. 30 marks the end of the 2013 fiscal year, leaving lawmakers only nine working days to pass appropriations bill to fund the U.S. Government for 2014 fiscal year.

It is widely expected that the U.S. Government will be funded under a continuing resolution to avoid a shutdown.

The Space Foundation has updated its budget comparison documents for Department of Defense (DoD) space and cybersecurity, which include more details on the various proposed provisions and funding levels within the Senate Appropriations Committee passed FY 2014 Defense Appropriations Act. Those updates can be found here.

This article is part of Space Watch: September 2013 (Volume: 12, Issue: 9).

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