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Space Technology Unlocks Ancient Rituals through Innovation

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2014) – Technology originally used in space can now help you meditate with ease. TIMEZ5 Global Inc. is the newest partner in the Space Foundation Space Certification program.

After five years of intensive research and development, TIMEZ5 labs made startling discoveries in the connection between rituals, spirituality and physiology. They unlocked physiological practices that improve the physical and spiritual wellbeing through meditation. Through the development of ergonomics, biomechanics and physiology, coupled with space technology, the company’s flagship product was born.

The world’s first physiological prayer mat uses sophisticated space and layering technology. All it takes is the counter-force of your body and it activates. The magic happens in the middle layers where it responds to body weight, posture and position. It keeps the user stable through its micro grip, and clean with its antimicrobial surface.

“It is the antimicrobial, which was adapted for use in space, that is recognized as a Certified Space Technology,” said Space Foundation Vice President of Marketing and Communications Kevin C. Cook. “We’re pleased to have TIMEZ5 as partners in this exclusive space awareness program.”

The mat has helped thousands around the world with conditions ranging from arthritis, sports injuries, chronic knee pain and unusual acute physiological issues. The product is highly recommended by physiotherapists as a rehabilitation tool after surgeries and for ongoing non-surgical treatments. The company currently sells in 35 countries and was recognized and awarded at the GIE Summit by its patron HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2013 for its game-changing innovation.

The space technology company has several other technologies being developed in their labs to enhance the physio-spiritual experience. Nader Sabry CEO and Founder of TIMEZ5 said, “Our continuous drive for developing the latest in space technology is at the heart of our company’s future. We aim to change lives by making their physio-spiritual experience more comfortable.”  

About TIMEZ5
TIMEZ5 is the world’s first health and wellness Muslim lifestyle company, headquartered in Canada. Its flagship product is the world’s first physiological prayer and meditation mat, highly recommended by physiotherapists and used by patients with neurological issues. TIMEZ5 delivers a physio-spiritual experience, which combines ancient medicine, leading technology and inspiring design.

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About the Space Foundation
A global, nonprofit organization, the Space Foundation is a leader in space awareness activities, educational programs that bring space into the classroom, major space industry events and space research studies, analyses and publications, all in support of its mission “to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.” With headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., the Space Foundation has an office in Washington, D.C., and a field office in Houston. For more information on the Space Foundation, visit

About Space Certification
Products and services that display the Space Certification seal are guaranteed to have stemmed from, or been dramatically improved by, technologies originally developed for space exploration or to have significant impact in teaching people about the value of space utilization.

Developed and administered by the Space Foundation, the Space Certification program serves three purposes:

  • Providing a unique marketing edge for Space Certification partners
  • Demonstrating to the public how space technologies now improve life on Earth
  • Making space knowledge more interesting and accessible to everyone

There are three classifications of Space Foundation Certified Products:

  • Certified Technology Products – Products or services that directly result from space technology or space program development or advances in space technology
  • Certified Educational Products – Products used in educational environments to stimulate interest in and knowledge about space
  • Certified Imagination Products – Entertainment products, games or toys that increase interest in and excitement for space and inspire new generations to take an active interest in space

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