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Dynetics Awarded Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnership Contract

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala., (April 1, 2015) — Dynetics will partner with NASA to pioneer a new rapid, highly efficient system that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) and potentially other undesirable gases from spacecraft cabin air, Dynetics officials announced today. Dynetics is one of 12 Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) selected by NASA to advance concept studies and technology development projects in the areas of advanced propulsion, habitation and small satellites.

These public-private partnerships will facilitate the development of exploration capabilities necessary to enable commercial endeavors in space and human exploration to deep-space destinations such as cis-lunar space (the proving ground of space around the moon) and Mars.

NASA selected Dynetics to develop one of the seven NextSTEP habitat projects that will provide concepts and technologies related to habitation and operations, or environmental control and life support capabilities of a habitation system in deep space.

“Dynetics’ advanced environmental control and life support systems (ECLSS) technology will result in a dramatic leap forward for habitats used in deep space and during space travel, such as the Exploration Augmentation Module (EAM) and other long-duration human habitation systems,” said Dynetics President David King.

“We will demonstrate a CO2 scrubbing system that reliably revitalizes air, while requiring less mass, volume and power per astronaut as well as reduced maintenance and logistics compared to current systems,” he explained. “In addition to supporting large-scale life support systems, the Dynetics method can also be used for CO2 removal in compact space suits and compact emergency life support modules.”
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