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Space Commerce Institute Partners with Azercosmos to Launch Mentorship Program for Women in Azerbaijan

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Jan. 24, 2024 — Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, offering information, education and collaboration for the global space ecosystem, today announced that its Space Commerce Institute is partnering with Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to launch a three-month program, Space Mentorship for Women.

The program will connect five women inspiring to be in the space industry, ages 18-35 from Azerbaijan, with five international industry experts. These mentors meet with their mentees one-on-one each month, and these sessions will be supplemented by monthly seminars from other space industry experts. By fostering a supportive community, the program aims to empower these women to unlock their full potential and engage in global collaboration.

Mentors include:

  • Kelli Kedis Ogborn, vice president of space commerce and entrepreneurship, Space Foundation
  • Natavan Hasanova, strategy and business development director, the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Esmira Bayramova, DevOps manager, Capella Space
  • Ramatha Sørensen, program manager, OIP Space Instruments
  • Alexandra Jercaianu, strategic partnerships and business development Expert | SGAC DGE-PG Member

Kelli Kedis Ogborn remarked, “In space, mentorship is crucial. It’s not about gender or borders; it’s about diverse global perspectives driving innovation, exploration and the future of the industry. We are proud to partner with Azercosmos for this important program and play our part in advancing the next generation of women Azerbaijani space leaders. The future is ours to build together.”

Space Mentorship for Women will collaborate with international initiatives, including the UNOOSA Space4Women Mentorship Program. This program provides personalized mentorship for women, guiding them on their educational and career paths. With the objective of kindling a passion for space-related fields, the program seeks to instill confidence in women, empowering them to pursue careers within the space industry.

“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean. The partnership with Space Foundation is another great milestone in projects related to women’s empowerment,” said Strategy and Business Development Director at Azercosmos Natavan Hasanova. “Being a guide and mentor for women specifically in space industry-related education and careers is a challenge and myriad wonders. Hopefully, our collaboration will lead to fruitful results and continuous joint projects.”

The program is scheduled to take place March-May 2024. The deadline to submit the application is Feb.14; apply here:

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