Driving Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity

“There is No Better Time to Be a Part of the Space Economy” ~Tom Zelibor, CEO, Space Foundation

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Not every person will get to ride on a rocket, see one lift off, or build a satellite or payload, but everyone — students/teachers, young leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals — has the opportunity to contribute to delivering space technology solutions that we depend on every day here on Earth, like more accurate weather forecasting, new materials for manufacturing goods, advanced global communications, healthcare innovation, and precision farming.

As a global steward and convener of the world’s $415B and growing space community, Space Foundation introduces its Center for Innovation and Education to enable access for everyone — all demographics and skill sets — by creating and delivering workforce development and economic opportunity programs.

Through collaboration and partnership across the entire spectrum of stakeholders from the global space community — business, government, education and local communities — the Center for Innovation and Education can get you on the first step toward your hopes, dreams… jobs, careers and new business ventures.

The e-book for Center for Innovation and Education provides an in depth look into the following areas:

1. Workforce Development Trends and Issues Analysis
Get a bird’s eye view of the challenges and opportunities within the space economy that are contributing to workforce shortages, skill deficits and innovation gaps. Gain an understanding of the changes needed to build a diverse and sustainable workforce.

2. Center for Innovation and Education
Learn about our pragmatic Workforce Development Roadmap and follow five core disciplines designed to combat the obstacles that often stand in your way of joining the space economy: Awareness | Access | Training | Connections | Mentorship.

3. Entrepreneurship in Action
Discover the impact Space Foundation has already made. The Center for Innovation and Education has piloted two successful programs: Space Commerce Entrepreneurship Program and the Junior Space Entrepreneur Program.

4. Vision for the Future
Hear from our CEO, Tom Zelibor as he envisions a whole connected web of people engaged in space and, by their acts of engagement, satisfying core economic needs while still making the world a better place through collaboration.

5. Program Index
Start exploring the opportunity by taking the first step: review this complete index of all Space Foundation programs for today’s workforce and the next generation workforce; then click through to learn more and engage in the space economy.

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