Space Certification


life’sDHA® is a nutritional supplement derived from 1980s NASA research into nutritional supplements for astronauts in space, and for space colonists of the future. One of the biggest hurdles NASA faces is the issue of long-term life support systems—mainly how to make them compact and energy efficient. NASA and the Martin Marietta Corporation began experimenting with micro-algae for waste disposal, oxygen supply, and as a nutritional supplement. That research led to one of the most widely used and profitable spinoff technologies to date. DSM Nutritional Products, operating out of the Netherlands, utilized this research to develop a supplement high in the same fatty acids found in breast milk to offer a nutritional supplement to help infants and adults. Life’s DHA is packed with essential nutrients for the brain, the nervous system, eye, and heart health. In the case of a low-birthweight infants, it has the potential to be lifesaving, as the baby most likely did not receive the proper amount of nutrition in utero. This supplement is now used in all U.S. brands of baby formula, giving much needed nutrients to infants who do not breastfeed. life’sDHA® is a prime example of what can be achieved through space research.
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