Space Watch: Spotlight

Columbia (OV-102) was named after a sailing frigate launched in 1836. It was one of the first Navy ships to circumnavigate the globe. The name also was used for the Apollo 11 command module that carried Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on the first lunar landing flight in 1969.
In 1999, the United Nations declared that October 4 through 10 of each year would be known as World Space Week, a time "to celebrate at the international level the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition."
The weekend of Sept. 23 and 24, the Space Foundation participated in Colorado's Pikes Peak Regional Airshow, offering hands-on STEM activities for children at its booth in the KidZone. The activities were designed by the Space Foundation education team to introduce children of all ages and skill levels to basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
Why is everyone making such a big deal about the “Great American Eclipse of 2017?” In short, because it is a big deal. While a total solar eclipse occurs roughly every 18 months, the majority of our planet is made up of large bodies of water, and these other eclipses are usually only viewable from the oceans, or other remote areas of Earth, making them difficult, and rare, to be seen by a large… Read more
You never know who you'll meet at the Space Foundation's annual Space Symposium, or where that new contact will lead. For Kelly Shelton, Space Foundation Manger - Philanthropy, a conversation at the 33rd Space Symposium this past April led to the donation of an art collection. At the Symposium, Kelly met engineer Cory Jenkins whose late stepfather -- Richard A. Lopez -- was an artist with a… Read more
As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on support from not only the aerospace community, but our local community as well. It is from our local community that we find many of our wonderful volunteers, who support the Space Foundation in many ways.
Visit the Discovery Center as we launch our 2017 Summer of Discovery, ideal for all ages, June 3 - Aug. 12. This year we will be exploring what it takes to grow food in space.Beginning Saturday, June 3, the Space Foundation Discovery Center will kick off SPACE GARDENING: Our Future Food Source. The Launch Party on June 3 will feature crafts and games and special Science On a Sphere® presentations… Read more
There are still some openings in the Space Foundation's summer Explore Space Experience program. Four week-long sessions are offered June 12 - July 20 for children ages nine through 14.
Who doesn't love space? No one we know, and this month we are bringing out all our love of space at the Space Foundation Discovery Center.Wednesday, Feb. 1, Homeschool Days:  I ❤️ SpaceHands-on science activities linked to learning about space travel and the universe.Saturday, Feb. 4, Star Days: I ❤️ SpaceSpend the day with lovely space activities. Activities include:
During his nearly 50-year aerospace career, former NASA engineer Lou Ramon was involved in a number of U.S. human spaceflight programs, from Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle to the International Space Station. He is now a dedicated volunteer docent at the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs.

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