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The Space Foundation's year-long commemoration of the Apollo missions continues with this article written by Space Foundation Senior Analyst John Holst, remembering the Apollo 1 astronauts. by John Holst, Space Foundation Senior Analyst In between September's mission success of Gemini XI and the last scheduled Gemini mission in November 1966, NASA, in October, brought more public focus on the… Read more
The Space Foundation begins its year-long commemoration of the Apollo missions of 1969 with subject matter from its new thematic calendar -- human spaceflight. The Apollo missions laid a foundation for our current and future successes in space. This article, written by Space Foundation Senior Analyst John Holst, examines how NASA astronauts have changed over the decades and how the risks they… Read more
Until recent years, Colin Cantwell was not a name known by many, although nearly everyone recognizes his work. Cantwell designed and constructed prototypes for the spaceships in the original Star Wars movies, including the X-Wing Fighter, Landspeeder, Sandcrawler and the infamous Death Star.
This summer at the Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, the Space Foundation is exploring the fascinating world of spacesuits. Here are five things about spacesuits that you may not know.  
The Space Foundation was pleased to host the annual meeting of the Space Agency Technology Transfer Officers (SATTO) in April. As an off-agenda addition to the 34th Space Symposium, the meeting included a lengthy discussion of how the Space Foundation’s leading Space Awareness Programs can assist space agencies with their technology transfer efforts.
  You may have heard that a very special Moon is going to be in the night sky next week. What makes this Moon so special? Here are 10 things you need to know about the second full Moon in January 2018!  
Through art, our creativity brings the imagination to life. It is the inspiration found in artistic expression that led Space Foundation Director of Marketing, Nancy Reed, to establish the International Student Art Contest. In its first year, eight years ago, the contest received 150 entries, mostly from Colorado. Since then, the contest has grown worldwide, with more than 7,000 entries from 52… Read more

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