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Categories: 2019, Future Space

A Future of Ubiquitous, Real-Time Intelligence

Assessing space technology developments, commercial remote sensing and advances in artificial intelligence, it is reasonable to imagine a future with ubiquitous and near-real time intelligence accessible to the general public and hand-held devices. Civil application could include identifying an empty parking spot from space, tracking autonomous vehicles, or illegal border crossings. The rise of large constellations with remote sensing satellites with capabilities ranging from synthetic aperture radar imaging, night-time imaging, and infrared imaging are posed to change the availability of that information to the general public. Coupled with artificial intelligence analysis, data from varying sensors can be combined, processed and made available for specific users needs. These developments will not be contained within the U.S. but likely be a world-wide phenomenon. The civil applications are are immense but what would the availability of real-time intelligence mean to the warfighter? Has the time come to find ways to hide, rather than telling someone not to look? The U.S. commercial remote sensing regulations limit the imagery that can be taken from space. Will that approach still work as more and more imagery and intelligence become available?


Author: Josef Koller
Topic: Future Space

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