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Categories: 2019, Space Situational Awareness

Advanced Enterprise Situational Awareness Reporting For Enhancing Space Operations

Enterprise Satcom networks generate end-to-end Situational Awareness (SA) combining Space, Security, Network, and Cyber operations to inform Space Operations decisions. This SA extends from Warfighter Applications through the Space systems to DoD networks or DoDIN to make informed decisions in conflict. This information provides a comprehensive picture of the health of the networks used by warfighters, the environment to which they are operational on, and aide in the identification of Indications & Warnings or threats. This information is necessary to effectively maneuver across Government and Commercial Satcom transport layers enabling Space operations to protect and defend the overall resilience Space for ground, airborne and maritime users.

This paper explores the different types of situational awareness that is available within Space enterprise networks and how it can be combined with the advanced capabilities of Enterprise Satcom networks to inform operational decisions, disseminate mission critical information to warfighters, and provide improved connectivity to the spectrum of users. The information available extends from individual user SA through the DoDIN and includes information useful for detecting cyber threats, monitoring atmospheric and space weather, identification of intentional and unintentional interference sources, gateway health, and other outages or interruptions.

Additionally, the paper will discuss how emerging technologies will be able to offer improved effectivity in the presence of interference sources for limiting the effects of interference for maintaining operations through adversary EMI by both countering and isolating interference sources. As a result, users will be able to maintain connectivity and thereby improve the overall effectiveness of the mission by employing multi-layers of resiliency with both access to multiple transport networks and utilizing networks with advanced protections.


Author: Craig Miller
Topic: Space Situational Awareness

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