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Hyperconvergence in Space Ground Systems Architectures

The infrastructure that supports today’s ground systems are complex and cumbersome to maintain.  In addition each system has unique characteristics, requirements, technical implementations and operational concepts.  In the era of shrinking budgets and focused reduction of attack footprint, there is an increasing need for flexible and converged solutions for ground systems architectures.  Today the coin of the realm is hyperconvergence.  Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) and software defined networking have become an essential capability for engineers seeking to reduce hardware costs, network complexity and maintenance efforts.  Srikant Mantravadi recommends applying the principles of software defined networking, hyperconverged platforms that reduce the need for multiple network devices and the establishment of a service driven architecture for ground systems.  Technica Corporation is completing a trial at the Defense Information Systems Agency on this capability for their data centers and Srikant will present preliminary results.  He will also make a recommendation for applying these concepts to Space Systems.   In large environments, hyperconverged infrastructures allow for collocation of entire systems in a few data centers and microservice implementations allow for rapid onboarding and offloading of applications and services.  The flexibility provided in these hyperconverged capabilities also provide rapid configuration, reconfiguration and shutdown of network and systems.  Srikant believes the use of HCI will reduce overall lifecycle costs, improve performance and enhance the cybersecurity of current and future space ground systems.