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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Ruvimbo Samanga

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In this episode, join Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, as we meet Ruvimbo Samanga, an attorney, legal scholar and policy analyst based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  Ruvimbo is recognized internationally for her leadership in the emerging African space economy and is the founder of an early stage geospatial start up called AgriSpace. Ruvimbo shares what motivated her to become involved in her country’s emerging space economy and the growing possibilities throughout the African continent.

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Ruvimbo Samanga

Attorney, Legal Scholar, Policy Analyst. Founder, AgriSpace.


Shelli Brunswick Interview with Ruvimbo Samanga
  Well hello, and welcome to another Space Foundation Space Commerce Entrepreneurial interview. I'm Shelly Brunswick, the Chief Operating Officer at Space Foundation. Today I have the privilege to talk to Ruvimbo Samanga. Welcome Ruvimbo, we're honored to have you with us today.   Thank you so much Shelli, it's…
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