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Shelli Brunswick Interview with Vera Mulyani, CEO & Founder, Mars City Design

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In this episode, join Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation, as she interviews Vera Mulyani, CEO & Founder, Mars City Design. Vera Mulyani is a critically acclaimed visionary architect and master planner for Mars living destinations. Her innovation platform brings the space sector and the creative industry together to create eco-sustainable life support systems and habitat infrastructure technologies, resilient to extreme environments.  She is also pursuing a biotech research on microbiome solutions that can support astronauts’ (and Earthlings) human extended spaceflight. She is a public speaker for many influential platforms and medias in science, art and space, as well as a faculty member at the Loyola Marymount University, teaching Systems Engineering “Occupy Mars” to the Masters of Science students.

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Vera Mulyani

CEO & Founder, Mars City Design