Teachers Get a Fresh View of Earth

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Teachers Get a Fresh View of Earth “I knew nothing about geology when I started this class. Now I’m ready to teach my students plate tectonics,” said Linda Martin, a middle school science teacher from Jacksonville, Fla. Martin traveled to Colorado Springs in June to attend the Space Foundation teacher professional development course, “Earth Systems Science: Planetary Geology,” the first of four Space Across the Curriculum courses she signed up for this summer after finding the course descriptions online.

In just one week Martin acquired the hands-on lessons and Earth science activities she needed.

“I came here to get ideas and find new ways to excite my students about science. I’ve gotten more than I ever expected out of this course,” she said.  

For a list of Space Across the Curriculum courses being offered this summer at the Space Foundation Discovery Institute, click here.

Pictured: Middle school science teacher Linda Martin studies geology maps in the Space Across the Curriculum course, “Earth Systems Science: Planetary Geology.”


This article is part of Space Watch: July 2011 (Volume: 10, Issue: 7).

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