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Through our Washington, D.C. office, the Space Foundation educates, facilitates and coordinates with officials from government, industry, academia and the international space community. We serve as a trusted source of information and data for these constituents and promote the message that space and investment in space capabilities benefits all people.

By our charter, we are not a lobbying organization, but our status permits our resources to be used to educate decision-makers and their staffs. Through appropriate relationships with key administration and congressional officials and staff, we provide educational information and testimony in support of civil, commercial and national security space policies. These efforts are managed from our office in Washington, D.C.

The Space Foundation provides credible and authoritative space information through policy and budget analyses, special reports, briefings and presentations.

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Pictured: The Space Foundation Washington, D.C., office at 1655 N. Fort Meyer Dr., Ste. 910, Arlington, VA 22207

This article is part of Space Watch: September 2014 (Volume: 13, Issue: 9).

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