Teachers Share World Space Week Photos

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Space Foundation Teacher Liaisons, from PreK through grade 20, were happy to share with us their activities in the classroom during World Space Week 2014.

Teacher Liaison Megah Gupta at Vidya Valley School, Pune, India, sent photos of her school's week-long World Space Week activities (right). The students created a variety of posters, exhibits and displays showing the relationship between mathematics and space.

Vidya Valley was also one of the schools chosen to participate in the Space Foundation's Audience With an Astronaut™ program via GlobalCasts during World Space Week. Read more about those presentations here.

Teacher Liaison Billy Hix was featured in his local newspaper, the Tullahoma (Tenn.) News. Read about his World Space Week activities in the article here.

Colorado Springs educator Krista Keiter, a teacher at Madison Elementary School, visited the Space Foundation Discovery Center during World Space Week to try out some of the train-like-an-astronaut activities.

In the photo at right she plays catch with Space Foundation Space Education Specialist Elias Molen while wearing 20-degree offset goggles. The goggles demonstrate one of the adjustments astronauts experience when they are in microgravity. Their relaxed state when floating in microgravity causes their direction of sight to be about 20 degrees lower than normal. An astronaut's gaze and the placement of science equipment needs to be modified for accurate performance.

The photo gallery below was provided by Teacher Liaison Dr. Rossana Chiarella, a PreK teacher at Palm Springs North Elementary, Florida. Dr. Chiarella combined her World Space Week activities with Hispanic Heritage in the classroom.

Learn how to apply for the Space Foundation Teacher Liaison program here.


This article is part of Space Watch: November 2014 (Volume: 13, Issue: 11).