How to Support STEM Education through CFC Giving

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Space Foundation’s CFC number is 71807

The Space Foundation is honored to be a participating charity in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the official workplace giving campaign of the Federal government. If you are a member of the U.S. military, a federal or civilian employee, or a postal worker, you can give to us through CFC. To help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and technology professionals, enter Space Foundation’s CFC code, 71807, on your campaign pledge card!  

The Space Foundation has been part of the CFC for only a few years, but the donations we have received through it are making an impact. For every donation of $10 that we receive, another student is inspired to reach for the stars through our high-impact STEM education programs.

In the coming year, more than 20,000 students and teachers will receive in-person, hands-on STEM education through Space Foundation programs. Our innovative programs and unique learning labs make it exciting, thrilling and fun, whether in our facilities and, with a little help of space technology, anywhere in the country or world through virtual field trips and distance delivery.

This past year, we received donations from Federal employees in Alaska, Chesapeake Bay, Desert Southwest, Gulf Coast, Heart of the Midlands, National Capital area, NorCal, North Puget, Rocky Mountain region, SOCAL and Tennessee Valley.

We are so grateful to these donors for their vote of confidence. As a nonprofit organization, our focus on STEM education is propelled by your philanthropy to inspire and build the next generation of a significant STEM-related workforce, explorers and innovators. Whether you choose to donate $2, $5, $10 or more per paycheck, or make a one-time contribution, your thoughtful gift fuels our mission. Every dollar entrusted to us is spent with great thought and care to foster the largest impact.

No matter where you live, you can select the Space Foundation on your campaign pledge card. It is an honor for the Space Foundation to be part of this campaign, and we extend a heartfelt thanks to each one of you for serving our country.
To learn more about the Space Foundation’s participation in CFC, our education programs or making direct donations, contact us at [email protected] or visit    

This article is part of Space Watch: October 2017 (Volume: 16, Issue: 10).