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Space4U Podcast: Bill Barry, NASA Historian

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

In this episode:

We meet Chief NASA Historian, Dr. Bill Barry. Bill became NASA’s sixth Chief Historian in September 2010. He began work at NASA in 2001 after retiring from a 22-year career in the U.S. Air Force.  Initially, he worked in NASA’s international relations office, and then served as the NASA European Representative at the United States Embassy in Paris, before being appointed Chief Historian.

Bill shares with us what it takes to become a NASA Historian, a few of his favorite NASA history moments and the three people he would choose to have dinner with.


Transcript: Space4U podcast, Bill Barry
Hi there. This is Rich Cooper with the Space Foundation. And this is the Space4U podcast conversations with the people who make today's space adventures possible. Today, I'm here with Bill Barry, NASA's Chief Historian, and he is the guardian of what I will call probably the coolest space archives…
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